RES AGRARIA carries out studies finalized to the residue definition in accordance to the GPL/BPL, OECD, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and to all the national and international guidelines. Italian Decree No. 50, March 2nd, 2007 – Actuation of Directives 2004/9/EC and 2004/10/EC concerning the inspection and verification of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and aligning of laws, regulations and administrative provisions related to the application of the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice and to the control of their application for chemicals tests and the relevant updates and Italian Decree. No.194, March 17th 1995 (acknowledgment of EC directive 414/91) and relevant updates.

RES AGRARIA technicians run all the different steps of the analysis with the maximum care and attention, following their own procedures as well as the above mentioned guidelines, using appropriate equipments, specified for the research objectives. The structure is equipped with its own freezer area, with separate cells, for the storage of treated and untreated residues.

All activities, equipment and archives are totally dedicated or separated from the other experimental activities. RES AGRARIA guarantees the shipment of samples to the test labs by airway and by roadway.
RES AGRARIA updates and trains its staff through annual internal courses and through attending qualified external courses ( ex. BARQA).
A system of external Quality Assurance guarantees the conformity of the studies to the GPL/BPL principles.

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