3 December 2013

Some studies carried out by the technicians of Res Agraria of Tortoreto were presented in Amsterdam at the CropWorld Global 2013, the most important European event in the field of plant defense.

The event attracts technicians and researchers from all over the world to discuss and learn about innovative systems and products for plant care. The event is developed around issues related to globalization and climate change with its repercussions on plant life and health.

At CropWorld 2013 the association Res Agraria (which operates, alone in Abruzzo, under ministerial authorization, in the research laboratory in Tortoreto) presented, among several other studies, the results of a research conducted on the integrated approach for the defense of palms from the attacks of red awl.

The study shows the results of the experimentation carried out between the Marche and Abruzzo, in which the possibilities of control, through a correct preventive and curative defense strategy, of the dangerous insect that is devastating the landscape of the Abruzzo coasts are demonstrated. “The keywords for the future will be sustainability and innovation,” says researcher Lorenzo Granchelli, “and the quality of the research will be indispensable for achieving these goals. This is why Res Agraria has always invested in training and preparing its researchers».

(source: Il Centro)