22 October 2020

FarmBot takes care of each plant individually, empowering you to quickly design and run experiments that test various #growing methods, input quantities, timing, and more.

👉 Repeatability
Conduct #experiments of any complexity without human error, and then quickly and accurately repeat those experiments as many times as needed. Scheduling events is as easy as using a calendar app.

👉 Scale
Scale to as many plants, crops, inputs, and operations as needed. Easily test unlimited groups simultaneously, and even run multiple experiments at once using the same #FarmBot.

👉 Speed
With #FarmBot, you can set up experiments to run 24/7 and monitor the system remotely. Using the sequence builder, automatically collect data at any frequency, rather than using checklists or paper forms.

👉 Cost
Run tedious experiments with many procedures without incurring higher labor costs or introducing human error. Compared to bespoke testing #equipment, FarmBot can offer greater flexibility for a fraction of the cost.