4 March 2021

Climatic chambers set-up with Plantarray System

Further investment in new equipment here at Res Agraria.
Plantarray is a high-throughput, multi-sensor physiological phenotyping gravimetric-based platform.

The system continuously and simultaneously measures the momentary-varying water flux in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere (SPAC) for each plant in the array under varying ambient conditions.

26 January 2021

Res Agraria move its know-how and quality to Romanian country.

Res Agraria move its know-how and quality to Romanian country.

We are very happy to communicate that Res Agraria move its know-how and quality to Romanian country, other interested EPPO’ area for your registration.
We are able to carry out different kind of GEP trials around a large zone of romanian country. In attach, you can find our locations.

Romania is a big country for conditions and situations in agricolture crops. You can find a large number of crops. It’s a real possibility to start your market inside it.

We’re able to trials in open fields and in green house condition, close to the mountain or close to the “sea” or next to the capital, in fact our headquarter is located in Saftica, close to Bucharest aeroport, not to far from it.
Please contact me for any questions about it.

Mr. Antonio Pandolfi
+39 329 220 7463

9 January 2021

Our Activities (GEP) in Romania.

Res Agraria will be part with its activities (GEP) in Romania. In this way, You can complete your registration or projects in other areas of Europe.
Our know-how and quality run to other countries.
Don’t waste time, contact me now.

Mr. Antonio Pandolfi
+39 329 220 7463

22 October 2020


FarmBot takes care of each plant individually, empowering you to quickly design and run experiments that test various #growing methods, input quantities, timing, and more.

👉 Repeatability
Conduct #experiments of any complexity without human error, and then quickly and accurately repeat those experiments as many times as needed. Scheduling events is as easy as using a calendar app.

👉 Scale
Scale to as many plants, crops, inputs, and operations as needed. Easily test unlimited groups simultaneously, and even run multiple experiments at once using the same #FarmBot.

👉 Speed
With #FarmBot, you can set up experiments to run 24/7 and monitor the system remotely. Using the sequence builder, automatically collect data at any frequency, rather than using checklists or paper forms.

👉 Cost
Run tedious experiments with many procedures without incurring higher labor costs or introducing human error. Compared to bespoke testing #equipment, FarmBot can offer greater flexibility for a fraction of the cost.

3 March 2020

Giornate Fitopatologiche

Dal 3 al 6 marzo 2020 saremo presenti all’evento “Giornate fitopatologiche 2020” a San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna), l’evento biennale che riunisce i tecnici del settore fitoiatrico italiano.

21 February 2020

Prodotti fitosanitari: le novitĂ  2020

It’s a big pleasure announce our participation at the II training day organized by AIPP-FISSA Winter School “Experimentation in phytosanitary’s defense” 18-20 February 2020.

5 February 2020

Biostimolant Conference 2020, Bari

Saremo presenti al meeeting “Biostimolant Conference” 11 Febbraio 2020, a Bari. Un importante evento per ampliare le nostre conoscenze sui biostimolanti attraverso l’incontro e l’esperienza di tecnici, ricercatori e operatori del settore.

11 December 2019


Res Agraria sarĂ  presente con il suo stand al 31 FORUM DI MEDICINA VEGETALE- PROTECTING PLANTS, PROTECTING LIFE. Mercoledì 11 Dicembre 2019 a Bari. Un evento organizzato dall’Associazione Regionale Pugliese dei Tecnici e Ricercatori in Agricoltura (ARPTRA).