15 Giugno 2018

The Res Agraria has installed 2 phytotrons with variable-spectrum lights. An indoor growth system that allows at the scientists to develop new molecules to help plants better express their potential.

In phytotron the plants grow in a homogeneous way and therefore one can study in a fast and accurate the real efficacy of a new product. Before being launched on the market, the most interesting formulations are tested in the field and in the greenhouse through the trials field.

The use of phytotrons can also be set to refer the plants to the most extreme abiotic stresses, as the ranges in terms of temperature pass from about 8-10 C ° to 35 C ° and those of humidity from about 55-60% up to 95%.

Here are some images of our research. We use phyto-phronic cells of the latest generation constantly monitored by our qualified personnel.

All results are collected and examined by our professionals.