Dr. Lorenzo Granchelli
Position: Legal Representative and RCM
Expert: Phytopathologist and Landscape Designer
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3292207461

Dr. Agr. Antonio Pandolfi
Position: Scientific and Development Manager
Expert: Personnel and Projects Coordinator
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3292207463

Mrs. Maurizia Di Ottavio 
Position: Administrative Manager
Expert in: Accounting and Resource Management
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3294707799

Dr. Agr. Nicola Centorame
Position: Quality Assurance
Expert: Training and Management Control
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3292207462

Dr. Agr. Paolo Zazzetta
Position: Study Director (GLP)
Expert: GLP and ARM Coordinator
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3356254532

Agr. Daniele D’Andrea
Position: Study Director (GEP)
Expert: GEP Coordinator and ARM
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone:+39 3347258825

Agr. Giorgio Guercioni
Position: Principal Investigator (GLP and GEP), Field Scientist, Responsible of  Specimens and Equipments Manager
Expert: Equipment, Test Substances and Specimens Management
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3347258825

Dr. Alfonso Magno 
Position: Principal Investigator,Field Scientist Responsible Processing Phase
Expert: Laboratory Management and Field Activities
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3347282028

Mariano Di Giminiani
Position: Landscape and Territory Coordinator
Expert: Process Management
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3358023997

Dr. Attilio Faiazza Mambelli
Position: Forester Engineer
Expert: Arboriculture and Landscape Management
Tel: +39 (0)86177139
Phone: +39 3714174467

Giovanni Maria Pompilii
Position: Principal Investigator for BPL and BPS tests
Expert: Field Activities Management
Tel: +39 (0)861777139
Phone: +39 3895252833

Mrs. Simona Lorena Gallieni
Position: Archivist
Expert: Planning and Management Activities
Tel: +39 (0)861777139

Dr. Samantha Triboletti
Position: Vice-Archivist and Vice-Responsible Processing Phases
Expert: Food Science and Technology
Tel: +39 (0)861777139

Dr. Agr. Ettore Di Biase
Position: Responsible of Nutrional and Biostimulants
Tel: +39 (0)861777139