Res Agraria has gained experience in carrying out studies for the evaluation of the effectiveness, phytotoxicity and selectivity of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, acaricides, nematocides, fertilizers, growth regulators (PGRs), biostimulants and all “biopesticides” (es : biofungicides, bioinsetticides etc. ..) of the last generation.

Furthermore, Res Agraria has also gained experience in the evaluation of the effectiveness of crop protection products in post-harvest. As part of the evaluation of the crop protection activity, Res Agraria carries out tests both in the open field and in a protected environment. Res Agraria is able to conduct tests in a controlled environment through two climatic chambers for the evaluation of products during screening, through the control of environmental parameters (temperature, humidity and light). The experimental activities are carried out in partner farms that guarantee the quality of the management of the test. Res Agraria is able to perform the activities related to the effectiveness of plant protection products in center and southern Italy and on all the crops / targets present to it.