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True knowledge of the agronomic world.

Res Agraria

Agronomic and Environmental Research Center

A team of professionals operating since 1990 in different areas linked to the world of agriculture and its industrial aspects, decided to merge all their own experiences into Res Agraria in 1998.

20 years of certified experience.

Research and Experimentation


Res Agraria is a CRO authorized by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry and by the Health Ministry, capable of meeting the requirements of agriculture experimentation providing very high quality.

The structure has modern equipment for field application, data collection…


Study and evaluation of the efficacy, phytotoxicity and selectivity of agrochemicals.


Determination of residues in accordance with national and international standards and guidelines.

Environment and Territory

Res Agraria has an operating department for “special intervention” on Decorative Greenery, capable of performing procedures as restoring, balancing and strengthening tree tops.

Res Agraria performs check-ups regarding the health of the plants and intervenes with the best prophylaxis in order to restore the best phytosanitary conditions.


New green design for public and private use. Design for the recovery of parks and gardens.


Landscape, forest and territorial analyzes. Environmental studies for the redevelopment of green areas.


Control and technical management of trees. Evaluation and safety of tree elements.

Planning and Management

Analysis and interventions in the environmental field. Census of plant heritage and analysis of the phytosanitary state.

Academy of Nature

Academy of Nature is an institution accredited by the Abruzzo and Marche regions. It was created with the aim of developing educational themes and topics in the Agronomic and Environmental sector by carrying out training courses, seminars and workshops. Furthermore, the Academy also deals with scientific dissemination and communication.

Sportello Verde, servizio comunale di assistenza al cittadino - Res Agraria

Res Agraria provides its specialized technicians for all public bodies, such as Municipalities, Provinces, etc.