Res Agraria

Research and experimentation

Res Agraria is a Research Center Organization authorized by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry Policies and by the Ministry of Health, able to meet the needs of experimentation in agriculture by offering high quality services. The facility has modern equipment and software for field applications, data collection, storage and processing of plant specimens, the drawing of study protocols (GEP and GLP), through notebooks and final reports, useful for product registrations.

The vastness of the area covered allows the staff of Res Agraria to carry out tests on the major agricultural, forestry, ornamental and nursery crops, both in open fields and in greenhouses. 

The staff is made up of Agronomists, Agricultural Experts and Agrotechnicians with a high professional profile acquired in over twenty years of experimental activity, which allows us to offer a service tailored to the customer’s needs, allowing optimization of the available resources.