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Valuation Reports

Res Agraria offers technical relations with the support of a team of experienced and qualified professionals (Agronomists, Forestry Doctors, Agricultural Experts). Specifically, based on the client’s needs, public or private, We offer technical analyzes relating to the various agricultural and forestry disciplines, including estimates. We offer technical reports for the estimate of damage to company assets (orchards, vineyards, agricultural crops in general), reports required by regulatory and authorization procedures (tree felling / pruning, company waste disposal, water supply for irrigation, etc.).

The technical reports, with specific attachments, are delivered to customers complete with all the information necessary to optimize the consultancy service requested.

L.I.F.E. Projects

The L.I.F.E. program, established by the European Union, is an tools who provides funding for projects to protect the environment and nature. Res Agraria supports public and private activities required by the program, adapting the “project needs” to the specific calls published periodically by the program. Technical advice is provided by Res Agraria based on the needs and objectives of the customer, assisting the design process with technical and expert activities.

Rural Development Program (PSR)

The Rural Development Program is one of the most important European Union tools to support the growth of agriculture, forestry and rural areas in general. The Res Agraria professional team has developed numerous experiences as a technical consultant for agricultural and agri-food companies.

Over the years, small and large companies as well as individual entrepreneurs in the area have been supported in the preparation of development plans and activities relating to the various investment measures. From projects relating to tangible and intangible investments, agri-food supply chain projects, projects for the settlement of young people in agriculture up to training and information activities in the agricultural sector.

Res Agraria supports companies and entrepreneurs since the birth of the project idea, thanks to both the technical consultancy and the management of the paperwork required by the various tenders.

Alfredo Tocchini

Experti in Viticultural and Oenological Consulting

Viticultural and Oenological Consulting

Alfredo is freelancer expert in viticultural and oenological sector for many years. He works with passion in the field of enology and viticulture. During his career, He had prestigious experiences and achieved remarkable results, both in Italy and abroad.


From analyzing vineyard soils to using state-of-the-art winemaking techniques, he has a strong knowledge essential for the different types of wines.


Alfredo has the ability to truly grasp the essence of wine, understanding the interplay of soil, climate, vine genetics and the experience of those involved in the winemaking process.