Res Agraria

Residues Trials​

GLP - Good Laboratory Practices

Res Agraria carries out studies aimed at the determination of residues in compliance with GLP, OECD, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and all national and international guidelines. Res Agraria follows the EU protocols SANTE and SANCO.

All phases of the study are handled by the technicians of RES AGRARIA in a better manner, following both their Standard Procedures and the National and European guidelines and using appropriate equipment dedicated to the goal objectives.


The structure has its own freezer area, with separate cells, for the preservation of treated and untreated items. Furthermore, there are two distinct areas for processing plant specimens and / or for their homogenization.

All activities, equipment and archives are completely dedicated or separate from other experimental activities.


Res Agraria guarantees the shipment of speciemens to the analysis laboratories in short times.


Res Agraria updates or trains its staff through annual internal courses and with attendance of qualified external courses (eg THERQA). The compliance of the studies with the GLP / BPL principles is guaranteed by a team of external Quality Assurance.