Res Agraria


Res Agraria is a company specialized in the control and technical managing of trees

VTA Method
Visual tree assesment

Evaluation of the biological and structural conditions of arboreal elements with the adoption of the visual and instrumental methodology (Resistograph). Classification of trees evaluated in C.P.C. (Classes of Propensity to Failure) adopted by the S.I.A. (Italian Society of Arboriculture).

SIA method (static integrated approach)
and SIM (static integrated method)

Evaluation of the bio-static conditions of the trees, both of the epigeal component (stem and branche) and of the hypogeum (roots), by visual and instrumental analysis (pulling-test).

Method Uk Forestry Commission

Evaluation of the biological conditions according to the parameters proposed by the Uk Forestry Commission. Definition of the vegetative wasting index on a percentage basis.

For all the methods used, the technical requirements for the management and safety of the assessed arboreal elements are defined (pruning, consolidation, slaughter and substitution interventions).

IML PowerDrill®

The IML PowerDrill® is a resistograph who measures the mechanical resistance of wood.


Inclinometer can evaluate the inclination of the plants , studying the oscillation of the stem and the wind.