Filavicola Abruzzo


We are delighted to announce that Res Agraria is the scientific partner of the project: Filavicola In Abruzzo supply chain, animal welfare for broiler chicken and specifically, for chicken raised without using antibiotics.

Development of alternative sustainable chicken farming and packaging techniques to make top-quality food products


The whole “FILAVICOLA ABRUZZO” project is coordinated by project Leader “GESCO Società Cooperativa Agricola”, financed by the Rural Development Programme – Abruzzo 2014/2020, having taken part in the public notice attached to Resolution no. DPD018/571 of 25/10/2018 having regard to Measure 16 “Cooperation” Submeasure 16.2 – “Support for pilot projects and for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies” – According to the selection of Integrated Macro Supply Chain Projects (PIF).


The project title is: “Poultry Sector in Abruzzo: Animal welfare for broiler chicken and specifically, for chicken raised without using antibiotics. –Development of alternative sustainable chicken farming and packaging techniques to make top-quality food products.”


Goals of the innovation process



To encourage projects for conversion to more eco-sustainable rearing types and techniques
Increased animal well-being, thanks to the use of new rearing techniques
To foster the introduction of technological intervention in the IT field and in production processes
Increased management logistics for farms - precision zootechny
To encourage product and process innovation projects
To increase the market value as well as satisfy new market demand
Promote the introduction of product and process certification systems
To increase the market value as well as satisfy new market demand
To foster a reduced environmental impact through sustainable management of refuse and processing waste
To reduce production costs, and improve process quality and sustainability
To encourage greater efficiency in the production cycle in terms of energy savings
To reduce production costs, and improve process quality and sustainability
To improve product quality
Increased market value and satisfaction of new demands in the marketplace
To integrate the sectors in the supply chain, partners and cooperation
To increase partners’ returns

2-General project description

Descrizione generale del progetto

The aim of the PIF is to increase the returns and competitiveness of the poultry rearing chain in Abruzzo, as well as to increase the eco-sustainability of agricultural and food production. The aims of the FILAVICOLA ABRUZZO project are to create a pilot project for the development of new products, processes and technologies within the regional poultry rearing chain, as well as to disclose the obtained results to promote innovative management of products and processes, improve cooperation among partners in the segment, create added value for agricultural products, promote products on local markets and short supply chains.

The expected results, therefore, include increased competitiveness of producers, improved product quality, greater consumer interest and increased technological levels along the supply line, through the planned research and project innovation. The project also includes participation from important partners who will be intervening at every stage of the supply line, as well as scientific partners, and activities for the circulation of project results.

Res Agraria srl, in its capacity as direct partner, is part of the technical-scientific activity as well as of the actions for the disclosure of project results.

The partnership is formed as follows

Business sector of Partner

​Partners involved

Main production

Zootechny businesses in Abruzzo


Local agrifood transformation companies

Scientific research

Public scientific partner: UNITE; Private scientific partner: Res Agraria

Organisation and cooperation

Project leader

3-Detailed description of the innovation project

With specific reference to the project developed in this investment measure (Measure 16.2) the partners have developed an innovation project for the introduction, experimentation and control of new management systems for farms and to process agrifood products.

3.1 Ultrasound

The activities undertaken and which fall within this project aim to seek out new processes and technologies that can be used to improve the quality of poultry meat. Specifically, the focus was on post-mortem treatment of myopathies, a cause of deterioration in the organoleptic qualities of the meat itself. The treatment should lead to fresh meat becoming more tender, i.e., to improvements in texture. These activities were performed in partnership with the University of Bologna.

3.2 Shed lighting and assessment of the three different tones

The overall aim of the project was to assess the effects of three tones of LED lighting (cool light, warm light and neutral light) on zootechny parameters, production and quality of meat poultry.

3.3 IOT (Internet of Things) Projects

The aim is to develop a precision rearing system that is able to foresee and manage the needs of the animals in real time, before problems that may lead to stress situations or even sickness occur. The initial idea was an intervention for internet connection in all farm structures by installing sensors and control units (Internet of Things) to be connected to a software system that analyses the collected data, manages the conditioning and environmental comfort in the interests of the animals’ welfare. The information collected was then stored on the Cloud and processed using data analysis methods to create a Big Data ecosystem to prepare the implementation of tools that could support the decision-making process for the farmer. This latter is therefore able to view and manage the environmental parameters remotely via App and quickly and consciously intervene on environmental parameters to guarantee increased environmental welfare.

3.4 Shed lighting and assessment of the three different packaging technologies

It’s part of the FILAVICOLA ABRUZZO project, including its aims, to improve the quality of poultry products and to increase the value of the supply line; research activities were put in place in conjunction with the University of Teramo – Faculty of Bioscience and Agrifood and Environmental Technologies. Specifically, two working teams were involved and carried out two separate studies along two sections of the supply line. The first project aimed at assessing improvements in poultry raising by making changes to environmental conditions in sheds and analysing any changes to the quality of the meat obtained with these new zootechny processes. The second project focused on preserving meat and identifying new parameters to define the quality aspects with greater precision, allowing a better analysis, with repercussions on production choices.

4-Results expected from the innovation project

The results expected from the innovation project are as follows:





Biosciences report


Final report


Ultrasound Report