Res Agraria



Study of the elements characterizing the agricultural and forest landscape, on a local and regional scale.

Agronomic-Forestry-Territorial analysis (FOR PRG / PPR / PPAR).

Specialist support for the realization of the main urban planning tools.

Evaluation of impact and environmental impact

Screening activities and evaluation of the impact or incidence of plans or interventions on protected sites. Identification of mitigation measures and definition of compensation measures. Release of documentation and dedicated plans.

Environmental recovery of detected sites

Redevelopment study of the ecological and agronomic components of degraded sites, for consolidation, recoveries, recompositions and environmental, agricultural and forestry compensations.

Environmental improvements for the protection if biodiversity

Study of the elements of the ecosystem aimed at improving the environmental conditions necessary for the maintenance and / or recovery of biodiversity. Programs for the reconstitution of the landscape-agricultural-ecological conditions.