Climatic chambers

Climatic chambers

Res Agraria adopted two several climatic chambers to perform a screening of unknown or known products under control all abiotic parameters. The use of climatic chambers enables not only a full control of environmental variables in a screening or trial but also the employment of high precision sensors and led light commonly intended for lab uses.

Our smart climatic chamber let us control:

The full control of the environment permit to measure and monitor:

  • Screening Agrochemicals
  • Biopesticides and Biostimulants
  • Abiotic and biotic stress responses
  • Growth
  • Nutrient responses

The Plantarray System

Further investment in new equipment here at Res Agraria. Plantarray is a high-throughput, multi-sensor physiological phenotyping gravimetric-based platform.

The system continuously and simultaneously measures the momentary-varying water flux in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere (SPAC) for each plant in the array under varying ambient conditions.

Chlorophyll meter

As you know, Chlorophyll plays a crucial role in the photosynthesis of plants.
Its content is an important indicator of plant nutrition stress, photosynthetic capacity and growth conditions.

Chlorophyll content measurement can be used to monitor the growth and development conditions of plants, thereby making scientific guidance of cultivation, fertilization, ensuring the good growth vigor, and enhancing crop quality and yield.

Farm Bot

FarmBot is the largest, most advanced, and most customizable FarmBots.

Seed Injector
Powered by a 24 volt vacuum pump, the seed injector can precisely position seeds in the ground with millimeter accuracy. Interchangeable luer lock needles allow you to work with both small and large seeds.

Watering Nozzle
Coupled with a solenoid valve, this tool allows you to precision water your plants with a gentle shower. The two-piece design allows custom spray patterns by 3D printing your own lower half.

Stomp out weeds before they become a problem with this customizable weeding tool. Blades and spikes come standard, though you can experiment with corkscrews and other implement designs.

Soil Sensor
By measuring the moisture content of the soil at each plant’s location, FarmBot can water crops more efficiently. Meanwhile, measuring soil temperature can help detect the risk of germination failure.

Seed Containers
The included seed bin holds large amounts of one type of seed, while the trays are suitable for planting many different crops or when the number of seeds per hole needs to be strictly controlled.

FarmBot’s built-in waterproof camera can take photos of your plants and soil in order to track plant growth, detect weeds, and one day identify pests, disease, and fruit ripeness.