Res Agraria

Res Agraria moves towards Romania

Res Agraria moves its know-how and its quality to Romania. We are very happy to announce that Res Agraria is transferring its know-how and quality to Romania, to the EPPO area concerned for your registration.
We are able to carry out different types of GEP tests in a large area of Romania. Attached you will find our offices.

Romania is a big country for conditions and situations in agricultural crops. You can find a large number of crops. It’s a real chance to start your own market within it.

We are able to carry out tests in the open field or in the greenhouse, near the mountain, near the “sea” or near the capital, in fact our headquarters are located in Saftica, near the Bucharest airport, not far from the capital.
If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact.

Mr. Antonio Pandolfi
+39329220 7463